Asbestos Testing, Surveys & Abatement
Surveys for building owners, management firms and tenants to determine if asbestos is present prior to renovations and or demolitions. Issue non asbestos project forms (NYC-DEP ACP5) for compliance with building codes. Perform consulting services during asbestos abatement including third party air monitoring and laboratory services.

Lead Based Paint Testing, Lead Dust Wipe, Surveys & Abatement
Surveys and testing by XRF for buildings owners and tenants. Perform lead paint removal and lead dust wipes. Provide all services to remove lead paint violations issued by NYC-HPD, NYC/ NYS Department of Health and the US-EPA.

Mold Testing, Surveys & Abatement
Perform mold testing (air and bulk sampling) for evidence of excessive mold. Surveys are conducted for building owners, management firms and tenants. Conduct and supervise mold remediation.

Phase One and Two Environmental Surveys
Perform surveys for evidence of any environmental issues that may impact refinancing and/or sale of property. Surveys are performed in compliance with specific banking requirements.

Expert Witness Testimony For Court Procedings
Testify in court and perform client consultation as expert witness on chemical and environmental cases.

Supervision of Environmental Abatement
Supervise the environmental cleanup of asbestos and toxic materials in buildings in lower Manhattan after 9/11.


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